Discover iPad Craps online in Canada

With 58.3 million iPads sold in the 2013 fiscal year, millions of touchscreen aficionados worldwide are playing on the go – enjoying movies, online magazines and Web browsing right at their fingertips. But when it comes to premium entertainment, it’s as a gaming platform that the iPad has truly come into its own.

The iPad’s draw card is its portability. Its X-factor is the wide range of online casinos and free and real-money gambling apps – a virtual treasure trove for high rollers on the move. In-transit at the airport’s Business Lounge, commuting to work on the train or between boardroom meetings, players are never without access to their favourite virtual blackjack and roulette games, not to mention popular choices like slots and video poker – and last but not least – iPad craps.

A lasting first impression

Craps is an ancient dice game dating as far back as the Crusades and later influenced by French gamblers. First known as crapaud, it became popular thanks to street craps where players rolled a dice against a back-stop such as a curb. Today modern technology has preserved the essence of this fast-paced ancient game and given it a fresh new interface.

When combined with the iPad’s large display (in comparison with small mobile screens), the real-time responsiveness of touchscreen technology and high-resolution graphics, iPad craps is the perfect introduction to the fascinating world of online gambling. When you think of specs, think of enjoying a casino-style experience with an authentic table layout and 3D dice. Think dealer stick calls and prompts, and preferences that allow one to flick, shake and tap dice to roll.

With all these features at their fingertips, players are guaranteed a fully interactive experience as near-close to the real-deal as they’ll ever get – and first-timers who’ve familiarized themselves with iPad craps’ game plan always tip the odds of winning in their favour. This is mostly because – when played for free – beginners are able to learn the rules of the game and hone their strategies before putting cash on the line in a real money casino game.

How to play iPad craps

A multitude of players take part in a craps game. They bet on the outcome of a roll of dice. In the case of a real money casino game, they win money if they are correct, and lose money if they are incorrect.

The shooter rolls the dice, and makes a ‘pass line’ bet. In each iPad craps game everyone gets a turn at throwing the dice. If the dice show up a seven or 11, the shooter wins. If the number thrown is two, three or eleven then the shooter loses. Any other number thrown consequently is known as a point. If he throws a point again, he wins; if he throws another seven, he loses.

What iPad online craps apps are there?

Popular iPad craps apps include Craps Lite, Aw Craps! and Craps Shooter. Aw Craps! is by far one of the most popular apps. If you enjoy Craps Lite, Craps Deluxe – with bankrolls starting at $5000 – may also be for you. Craps Deluxe offers chip denominations of $100, $500 and $1000.