Find online iPhone Craps in Canada

With its high connectivity speed, simple interface, comfortable size, large screen and high quality display, it is no wonder that the iPhone is one of the top mobile devices globally. Add a plethora of applications specifically designed for this phone, and casino gaming apps including iPhone Craps, and you have a device that not only works hard, but that plays hard as well.

From casinos to online – what is Craps?

Craps is different to any other casino game, which either focus on machine slots or cards, as it is a game about dice. Players make monetary bets on the outcome of a pair of rolled dice, whether it is a single roll or multiple rolls. The gamers will wager against other players or only against the bank. With the rise of mobile gaming, and the development of the new iPhone Craps gaming application, casino enthusiasts can enjoy craps in the comfort of their own home. Users can begin the game by making a pass line bet, which entails placing a bet on the pass line before the bank or any other person begins his or her roll. The pass line must be in line, or above, the bare minimum table bet. Once the pass line bet is done, the player then taps the dice on the screen, which then moves down to the bottom of the screen. With one finger flick the dice is rolled. Unlike other casino games where bets are only allowed in the beginning, here wagers can be made at any time during the game providing non-stop betting fun.

Great iPhone Craps playing experience

With the superb graphics showcased in an authentic table layout, realistic betting, a “rolling” dice or manual dice rolling mode and sound effects, the iPhone Craps game is like sitting in a real casino. The rolling action of the dice is the one element that really makes this mobile casino game better than the rest. Just as in the Craps game at a casino, this mobile game has all the craps bets listed within it, a decorative table, a pair of dice, and other table functions one would expect, except the pretty waitresses that serve gamblers drinks during play time.

Helpful tools create simple and easy casino game play

With a tutorial and thorough pop up information provided, players can learn about iPhone Craps before starting the game and also be guided throughout game play with useful tips and suggestions. With a quick tap on the table area on the screen, information is brought up for easy reading.  The tutorial shows users how to place bets, roll the dice, how to access help menus and other useful information. On this mobile game, every bet has a submenu which explains to the player what the bet is and explains the odds and possible payouts of that specific bet. Wins and losses are also tracked and recorded for easy review.  For those with big fingers who struggle to “toss” the dice by one flick of the finger, manual rolling mode is available and allows players to actually choose the dice numbers that will be rolled, which assists with learning the game.  Table limits can also be easily be chosen, increasing game usability.

With all these helpful tools, the iPhone Craps game is ideal for all types of online casino enthusiasts, from beginners to experts, to become pros in craps, and makes them that much more prepared for a fun and profitable gambling experience at their local casino hot spot.