Mobile Blackjack Games Online Canada

What if you could turn downtime into some serious cash? What if, while standing in a queue or on a train, you could not only entertain yourself while waiting but ensure you win big while you’re at it? Mobile Blackjack could be just the answer. Coined Twenty-One by some, Blackjack is a widely played game the world over. With simple and easy-to-follow rules, the online version of the game is as ideal for the novice as for the advanced player, and with a tablet or mobile phone as the interface, you can play the real-money game wherever you are whenever is most convenient. And because the game can be played against a dealer only, you’re assured of the utmost discretion while you’re at it.

Basic mobile Blackjack rules

Mobile Blackjack follows pretty much the same set of rules as a blackjack game played at a land-based casino. Once you’ve placed your bet, you receive two cards as does the dealer whose one card usually faces upwards. The goal with mobile Blackjack is to get as close to 21 as possible without busting – a term referring to players who go over 21. You can decide to ‘stick’ it out (also known as “stand”), and see how the dealer tries to improve upon your hand. Experts have reviewed the best online casino for mobile, we have then listed them below for you; from best to worst.

If your cards total 21 you have a blackjack and the dealer pays out 3/2 odds on your bet.

The value of picture cards is a 10, an ace 11 or 1, while the rest of the cards reflect their face value.

But striking a 21 or “blackjack” does not always happen the first time. With each subsequent throw, you can choose to take another card to see how close to 21 you can get (also known as “hit”). You can also opt to “split” your card if you are dealt two same-value cards, which essentially means doubling your bet and playing separate hands. When playing against other players, they can choose too to “double down” by doubling your bet’s amount. They do this by drawing an additional card, and then “standing”.

At any stage of the game you also have the option of taking out insurance on a bet. If you can see that the dealer’s second card will earn him a blackjack, you can bet real money – the equivalent of 50% of your first bet – as insurance against your potential loss. If your instincts are correct and the dealer hits a blackjack you win odds of 2/1 on the insurance bet. You lose money, however, if he doesn’t hit a blackjack.

Hedge your mobile Blackjack bets carefully

If you’re new to blackjack, try a few free online casino games first before wagering your hard-earned money on a real-money game. Sign up for a free account, practise free mobile Blackjack games regularly, and make a point of chatting to other players. This way you can learn from their game strategies as well as from their game reviews. Also, always make sure you’ve familiarised yourself the rules for respective mobile Blackjack games, as their rules vary from one online casino to the next and also differ depending on whether you are playing Atlantic City, Vegas, European or other popular versions.

Once you have some experience and feel more confident, then move on to playing real-money mobile Blackjack. As a first-time user you’ll more than likely get to enjoy a great sign-up bonus. Be discerning in how and when you choose to use your cash – this way you increase your chances of hitting a winning streak – and certainly turning waiting time in queues into a chance to win real money!