Mobile video poker in Canada

When it comes to video poker played in an actual casino, the game is based on five-card draw poker but is enjoyed on a computerized device that looks like a slot machine. Mobile video poker is unlike typical poker that is played on a table with other people – a social event if you will. On a phone, this form of poker transforms into a mobile version of the online casino game bringing with it all the fun and excitement one would expect when gambling, plus more. It amalgamates the fun of slots with the normal strategy and skills needed in poker, with a little bit of luck on the side.

The aim of the game is to have the best poker hand possible out of the entire cards that are dealt from the dealer. Firstly, a player must decide on the amount of money he or she would like to bet, and is then given between five and seven cards, depending on the type of mobile video poker being played. A person may choose to discard any of the first set of cards in exchange for new ones, or hold other worthy cards, in an attempt to create a better hand. Whether you hold cards or not, the second draw comes up and if you have a winning combo after this you win a payout which is obviously relative to your bet initially placed. In most mobile video poker games, the gambler only wins if he or she builds a hand that includes at least one pair, but this rule may vary depending on the game version being played.

It’s all in the cards

Numerous winnings and payouts are available to mobile casino users and it all depends on the strength of their cards in hand. Although a full house is stronger than a singer pair, flushes and straights are stronger than a full house. It would be beneficial for users to research the rules and cards before attempting to play so that you know what hands are good and which ones are worthless. If you want to go for the big bucks, then place a maximum bet and hope for a royal flush – the top hand to have and one that has always been elusive. However, when it comes to mobile video poker, it is always better to win something even if it is a small amount, then to loose, so it is important to hold onto a hand that you feel will win you some sort of money instead of folding.

Choose from a variety

This casino game comes in many forms and the most used and popular mobile video poker type is Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild, or Jokers Wild. So depending on your preferences, likes and dislikes, there is a mobile video poker game for everyone. And if you are out of pocket or loaded with cash, you can choose between free-play, which is great for learning and practising, or play real money poker and hopefully earn high winnings. For those who do not have a poker table or for people who do not like the social aspects of the typical poker game, this casino mobile game is perfect for you.